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Our Fleet Administration service is designed to optimize your fleet management with ease and efficiency. It features comprehensive mileage reports, providing valuable insights into vehicle use and performance. The integrated tracker system ensures you’re always informed about your fleet’s location in real-time. Plus, our innovative ‘ring-fence’ feature allows for setting geographical boundaries, giving you greater control over your assets. All these elements work together to ensure effective fleet management tailored to your specific needs, making your fleet operations seamless and more efficient.

Fleet Administration

Fleet Administration services offer a streamlined approach to managing your fleet with precision and ease. Our system includes detailed mileage reports, ensuring you have comprehensive data on vehicle usage. Additionally, our advanced tracker provides real-time location information, keeping you updated on your fleet’s whereabouts. A standout feature is the ability to ‘ring-fence’ assets, enabling geographical boundary settings for each vehicle, thus enhancing security and operational efficiency. Trust our Fleet Administration to keep your fleet running smoothly and effectively, tailored to your specific business needs.

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Long Term Leasing

Experience hassle-free vehicle management with our Long Term Leasing program, tailored directly for end users. This service is designed to streamline your transportation needs, offering a convenient and cost-effective solution for accessing the vehicles you need without the commitment of ownership. Our flexible leasing options ensure you have the right vehicle for as long as you require, backed by full support and maintenance services. Choose Long Term Leasing for a straightforward, efficient approach to managing your transportation requirements.

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